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Digital Literacy
Digital Compass


Georgia Encyclopedia

Library of Congress

PINES Houston Co Public Libraries

Research Tips

Google Safe Search

CIA World Fact Book

Internet Public Library

GA Public Library Service

SIRS Discoverer

Britannica Middle

What should I read next?
What should I read next?

Poetry Author Study Websites
Poetry site 1

Poetry site 2

Poetry site 3

Poetry site 4

Poetry site 5

What comes next in a series?
What comes next in a series

Cool Sites
Brain Pop

National Geographic for Kids

Scholastic Science Explorations

Time for Kids

Library of Congress for Kids & Families

Georgia Download Destination

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Safari Online Catalog

Lexile Levels
Lexile Levels

Middle School Book Lists
Middle School Book Lists




Media Center Lessons
Basic Essay Structure

Essay organization

Author Study AVI

Media Center Orientation part 2

Author Spotlight




How to Cite a Source

Locating Credible Sources

Companion Books

Constructed Response

Social Issues and Theme

Techniques for Developing Characters

Writing Personal Narratives

Social Media

Neal Shusterman Spotlight

7th grade research/debate topics 2017
7th Grade Debate Topics

Cellphones in school


Television and violence/laziness


Terrorists and torture


Fast food and Schools


Peer Pressure: useful/harmful


Human cloning and the progress of humanity

Child Soldier's 8th grade Research Unit
Child Soldiers video link

Child Soldiers article and video from March 2015

Video and article from Oct 2014

Should child soldiers be prosecuted for war crimes?

“Analysis: Should child soldiers be prosecuted for their crimes?”

A child soldier who escaped ISIS

Fox News February 2016

Invisible Children

Interview: Somalia's Child Soldiers

Interview: Sierra Leone

Interview: Congo's Child Soldiers