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Football Schedule





Bonaire Middle

 Football Schedule


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Sat. Aug. 18          Jamboree              (BMS, PM, FM, MC)      BMS                                               

                                        7th- 9:00 am & 8th - 10:30


Wed. Aug. 22        BMS                       WRMS                            BMS


Wed. Aug. 29         BMS                      HMS                                BMS


Thur. Sept. 6          NMS                      BMS                                NMS


Wed. Sept. 12         BMS                     FMMS                             BMS


Wed. Sept. 19         PMS                     BMS                                Perry High


Wed. Sept. 26         MCMS                  BMS                                Freedom Field


Oct. 3th & 4th       1st Round of playoffs

                                       N1 vs S4

                                       N2 vs S3

                                       S1 vs N4

                                       S2 vs N3


Oct. 17 or 18         Winner N1/S4 vs S2/N3

                               Winner S1/N4 vs N2/S3

                               (If one division has all four teams make it to the 2nd 

                               round then the bracket will be 1 vs 4 & 2 vs 3)


Oct. 25                  Championship                                     MAC, Freedom, or PHS


7th Grade starts at 3:30        8th Grade around 4:45-5:00


Admission $5.00         Championship Game $7.00