Academic Team
Practice Dates in room 704 from 3-5:

September 20 Friday
September 25 Wednesday
October 2 Wednesday
October 3 Thursday
October 7-11  fall break
October 17 Thursday
October 18 Friday
October 24 Thursday
October 25 Friday
October 29 Tuesday
October 30 Wednesday
November 6 Wednesday
November 7 Thursday
November 12 Tuesday
Competition on November 14 Thursday during the school day


Dianne James



Chris Arnold


Academic Bowl Dates:

November 14 ~ Middle School Academic Bowl Competition at Mossy Creek Middle 

December 7 ~ Regional Academic Bowl Competition at Fegin Mill Middle (if qualify at Nov. 14 competition)

January 25 ~ State Academic Bowl Competition at GC&SU in Milledgeville (if qualify at December 7 competition)


The Quiz Bowl Team will provide students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge in many subject areas beyond the school curriculum.  Students will also have the opportunity to showcase their knowledge in a competitive environment.


Local competitions with other middle schools in the county
PAGE Bowl regional competition, if the team qualifies
PAGE Bowl state competition, if the team qualifies
Competitions against other middle school students as available


Enrollment in advanced classes for the grade-level of the student
Maintain an 85% or higher average
Teacher recommendation - based on motivation, skill, work ethic, and desire
Able to stay after school for practice sessions