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School Staff

Administrative Staff

Hill, Lisa
Assistant Principal
Keenom, Alyson
Robinson, Marlon
Assistant Principal for Instruction

Teaching Staff

Batdorf, Suzanne
7th Grade Math
Bell, Shantell
7th grade Language Arts
Brown, Gail
6th, 7th, 8th Math
Carman, John
6th grade Math
Cauley, Sandy
8th grade Language Arts/Department Chair
Chafin, Kaley
8th grade Science
Chapman, Mandy
8th Social Studies & Reading
Coggins, Laurie
7th Honors World Geography
Craig, Tara
Media Specialist
Cummings, Annette
6th, 7th, 8th Teacher
Davis, Andre
8th Grade Science/Math Department Chair
Ethridge, Elizabeth
7th grade Language Arts
Faust, Christopher
6th Social Studies
Ferrari, Renae
6th grade Language Arts
Fitzwater, Makaela
FACS Teacher
Foster, Elizabeth
7th grade Science
Frost, Brooke
7th Grade Language Arts
Garreans, Tony
7th Grade Social Studies
Godbee, Ashley
Associate Band Director
Goff, Jalanda
8th Grade Gifted Physical Science
Gutierrez, Theresa
6th grade Gifted Social Studies
Hastings, Sarah
8th Grade Language Arts
Hill, Lisa
Assistant Principal
Holder, Brooks
6th Grade Math
Hood, Keith
8th grade Georgia Studies
Hunt, Nathan
Hutchens, Marla
8th Grade Math/ Honors Algebra
Jackson, Rachel
James, Dianne
7th Grade AC/Regular Math & Gifted Lead Teacher
Johnson, Daniel
Physical Education
Johnson, Rachel
6th Grade Language Arts and Math Teacher
Keily, Cheralyn
Agricultural Education
Kerns, Timothy
6th grade Math
Kessler, Alison
6th Grade Language Arts
Kirk, Jeanne
6th grade Science
Knowland, Melissa
Business and Computer Science
Kolmetz, Kimberly
7th grade Teacher
Long, Candace
8th grade Gifted Language Arts
Malone, Donna
6th grade Science
Mccarthy, Bill
7th Science
Mccoy, Julie
Mcduffie, Stacey
Engineering and Technology
Mclemore, Jacquyline
6th grade Social Studies
Nauss, Griffen
8th Grade Language Arts
Peavy, Jeff
Athletic Director/Physical Education
Pirtle, Morgan
7th Grade Math
Ponsell, Marcia
Language Arts
Ramage, Stephanie
8th grade Math
Rollins, Stormy
7th grade Social Studies
Sanders, Shannon
7th Grade Gifted Science
Santiago, Angie
Health and Physical Education
Sapp, Becky
Speech Language Pathologist
Scruggs, Jonathan
8th Grade Math
Shain, Monica
8th Grade Math
Shore, Dianna
Smith, Jason
Physical Education
Syler, Emily
6th grade Language Arts
Ware, Jessica
8th Grade GA Studies/ S.S. Department Chair
Washington, Serena
6th Grade Social Studies / Earth Science
Weist, Katherine
6-8 Teacher
Williams, Leah
Willis, April
6th grade Language Arts
Wilson, Stephanie
6th Grade AC Math/Math Department Chair
Yeager, Karen
6th Grade Gifted Science
Young, Diana
7th Grade Gifted Language Arts

Support Staff

Bearden, Roxanne
Booth, Jennifer
Bourke, Melissa
School Counselor
Canady, Angela
Condet, Alane
Greene, Manique
Med Tech
Howard, Adrienne
Mcduffie, Rhonda
School Counselor
Pierce, Patricia
Reyes, Natalie
Sandiford, Dexter
Smith, Albert
Lead Custodian
Taylor, Scott
Thomas, Amy
Walsh, Elizabeth
Williams, Edmond
Wood, Tevita
School Nutrition Manager, Bonaire Middle